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The School

Ponderosa Academy

Home of the Ponderosa Bulls!

This year Ponderosa Academy has expanded to four classes!  That's right folks all four kiddos are "school age".  My toddler days are officially over.  

KC is the freshman class president. Okay we really don't have a freshman class president but if we had elections I am pretty certain he would win.  He is taking on some 5k training for his P.E. class this year, using C25k.  His science class is quite the undertaking ... Livestock Management.  Basically we have made him manager of all things farm here in Virginia.  He will be doing daily journal entries on his work and needs of the farm.  He will also be using Excel to make expense spreadsheets for the "farm".  The rest of his studies will be done using ABeka curriculum.

Carley J rules the roost in the 6th grade wing at Ponderosa Academy.  She is venturing back into the world of ballet for her PE class this year.  It is fun to see her go from her cowboy boots to those pink dancing slippers. For music Miss Carley J plays the piano.  We love the sound of her practicing.  She loves to practice and practice and practice.  When she is done with her assigned practice she usually pulls out the hymnal and starts playing from there. Such a nice thing to hear as I am folding laundry or other such chores. The rest of her studies will be done with ABeka as well.

Kate has come so far in such a short period of time.  She has hit 4th grade running.  She seems to have more desire this year to do better and to stay focused on the assignments in front of her.  She is using a combination of books for her classes and has a fun year in store.  She is also taking ballet this year.  She is also taking musical theater and violin.  Kate's skills on the violin are coming along quite nicely.  She isn't quite to the point of playing songs yet, but she will be there soon.

Koen is finally in kindergarten!!!!  He is so incredibly happy to be in "school" with the other kids.  He will be working hard this year learning to read, writing some words, and practicing his ever increasing math skills.  We are thrilled to have him in the "school room" with us this year!