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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


3-2-1.... We are almost ready for the chickens to arrive.  We have the coop, it just needs to be cleaned up a bit for it's new residents.  The last tenants left the place a little on the messy side.  

What we are missing is that fenced in yard.  Chickens can be so picky when looking for housing.  They want lots and lots of yard area with luxury items like grass and bugs of various shapes and sizes, and they want security too!  Guess they don't mind living in the same neighborhood as the Hawk family, or the Raccoon family, they just don't want the neighbors coming over for visits.  I can't say I blame them for wanting to have some privacy when it comes to the Copperheads down the lane though, I am not a big fan of that family either.  Still putting in this "security system" is a lot of hard work.  I don't see them volunteering to help put it in either!  Sure hope they don't complain that the posts aren't exactly all lined up.  Our farm manager and I tried our best today but straight lines just aren't our thing. It adds some character to the new digs... at least that is what we can tell the new family of chickens.  Of course they are a bunch hens so I am sure they will talk amongst themselves about our "handy-work".

We snapped a couple of pictures today while driving in the posts.  For some reason the pictures make it look a lot easier than it really was.  Excuse my apparel I was still in my running attire.  Today was a day full of exercise for me and KC.  We both ran this morning and then built the chicken fortress.  I think our shoulders will hurt more tomorrow than our legs though.  At least mine will.  KC's shoulders are still young and work like they should.


I should mention that we will be putting chicken wire around the bottom of these cattle panels.  Just thought I would mention that for all of those readers who were looking at the cattle panels thinking.... That will never keep the chickens in or the neighbors out. *Smile*  


Becky said...

Look how skinny you are!! All that running is paying look great!

How did you get the tabs at the top of your page??

~ H said...

Seriously it was all in the angle of the shot. Why do you think I posted that picture? LOL!!! But thank you :D

Ummm ... tabs, yeah I think on the edit post page there is a link for edit pages at the top? I will have to go back and look.

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