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Saturday, August 28, 2010

From Sunrise to Sunset and Then Some

Today was long and busy!

Carley J started the day off right as she showed her talent in the kitchen and turned these few ingredients...

into this scrumptious little loaf of goodness...


While her loaf was baking the rest of us were outside working on a project that I have been anxious to finish...

Next on the list for the front of the house is a bench in the wide open area to the left of the porch (your left) and some much needed paint on the porch and railing.

While we were busy with the mulch the horses got busy mowing the neglected round pen area....


I'm telling you these two are just about the best lawn service in town!

Guess who showed up at our place today?

THE CHICKENS!!!!  Only 4, I had hoped for 6.  

Bertie Mae was hoping for a quiet Saturday

I think she was peeking out to see if we had all gone back indoors yet.  

Sorry Bertie Mae, there was still fun to be had,

Creatures to play with, and...

Tractors to ride!

Today started early and ended well after sunset.  It was busy and hard at times, but well worth it.


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