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Monday, August 30, 2010


This picture was taken about this same time last year.  The kids have grown quite a bit since then.  One has become a teenager and has grown 3 inches in that year.  Funny how time just seems to fly.  

This next week all the fall activities begin.  We will be off to dance class, piano, violin, 4H, wrestling, and scouts on various days of the week.  I am praying I didn't schedule things on the same day and time.  It will be a busy year for everyone.  I look back and it seems as if our oldest was just starting cub scouts last week.  Soon he will be driving and dare I say it .... dating nope not going to say it, you can't make me.

We started school two weeks ago, and already I can see how they have grown.  What magical powers does the summer sun have on them?  Suddenly they know so much, it really amazes me.

I hope in this year I can grow even half as much as they will (and not in pant sizes). *reminded that there is ice cream in the freezer....hmmmm*   They teach me more than they will ever know about life and living it.  They each have dreams.  We are just doing our best to help them find that path that will lead them to the land of dreams come true.  

I know I can be an example to them about dreams coming true... I have Rodi and I have them, each and every one a dream turned into a reality. 


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