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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"Good Bye Earl"

While I am not a huge fan of the Dixie Chicks, I can't seem to get their song out of my head this week.  Hurricane Earl is coming this way and has done nothing but complicate my world.  

Yesterday I went to the grocery store with my coupon book

to cash in on some good deals (like Quaker cereals for $1.39).  Being a family that is generally prepared for stormy skies I wasn't even thinking about the craziness Earl was going to bring me at the grocery store.  There were people EVERYWHERE!  Seriously it was as if an ant colony (of people) had broke free and were raiding the local market.  If is wasn't enough that they were in my way at every turn, they were all looking at me as if I was some sort of freak show.  How dare I take my time in each isle comparing prices, flipping through my coupons.  These worker ants obviously do not understand DOUBLE COUPONS!  I was never so glad to be done with my shopping.

Today Earl is forcing us to take a break from our school work (the kids are so sad, thrilled), we need to go outside and prep the barn and the yard for the winds that will be here tomorrow.  Even if Earl shifts a little to the east we will still have high winds, lucky us.  It is always interesting to watch us flip the trampoline over so it doesn't take flight.  I learned the hard way one year that a trampoline can indeed fly.  It can also land with a thud in the most inconvenient places.

We must also make sure our royal hens are given a luxury suite in the barn.  We have had to relocate the chickens more than we would like to talk about.  The first palace we built was too sunny, and they wouldn't leave the coop.  The current one is too drafty and they find their way out into the yard with the "common folks"  like Justice and Husker, NOT GOOD.  The new one we are working on will hopefully be the last one.  We will be fencing off an area just outside the barn with a door fit for royalty leading into the barn where they will find their castle (coop) all comfy and cozy just waiting for them after a long day of pecking at the grass and bugs.


So here we go, another day of news watching, yard prepping, and animal prepping, and school studies put on hold a day all thanks to Earl.  As we do our prep work today a certain song (at least parts of it) will be playing in my head.....
"Earl Had To Die

Goodbye Earl

We Need A Break..."


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