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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lonely Days....

Poor Husker, all alone with no partner in crime.  Up until he was 14 months old he was our one and only canine.  Then we brought Ginni home (a sweet chocolate lab).  Oh how he loved Ginni, well to be honest it was more of a love/hate relationship with the two of them, but he had someone to play with (or torture) all day long.  Ginni had to be re-homed this past July (long story for another day) and Husker was once again our lone canine.  Not for long though...

Justice soon found her way into our little zoo.  Her owners (also a military family) had orders to go to Japan, and sweet Justice was not going to be able to join them.  Husker was in puppy heaven!  Another playmate, and a cute one at that.  They spent hours running around this place.  It was however, not meant to be.  Something crazy happened and Justice's owners ended up staying stateside.  That's right folks, no moving to Japan.  Even crazier, they were able to snag orders returning them to our area.  So after a month of love and play Husker is once again our one and only canine.  Justice will come back for play dates I am sure.  I just feel so sad for my poor Husker pup.  He looks so lonely.  


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