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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

late night thoughts

It is late, I am feeling a little better, but I still can't sleep.  

I was looking around, noticing how I have let things go this week while I have been "pretending to not be sick".  I wondered if June Cleaver ever "let things go" around her home.  Do you think she took off her heels and put on fuzzy slippers?  If she dared to roam around in a bulky robe, would she dress it up with a strand of pearls?  For some reason I just don't think June Cleaver ever got sick. 

Next my thoughts moved to our little farm.  Our crazy little farm.  When we moved here we never imagined miniature cows would be calling it home as well.  Okay maybe Rodi did. He may have had it planned all along.  I laugh remembering how just weeks before a six month deployment we he purchased our first lil' cows.  I didn't even know the difference between a heifer and a cow back then.  How in the world did he trust me to take care of these while he traveled the open seas?  Somehow we managed.  We even had a birth while he was away.  Well Molly (the cow) had a birth, not me.

I have grown to love our little cows. They also make an exceptional grounds crew, keeping the grass under control.  Now if I could just keep them from making such a mess of the barn?

My thoughts went rushing back to this past winter.  Rodi was deployed in Israel and the kids and I were facing all sorts of battles here at home.  At one point my uniform consisted of rain gear and a portable sump pump.
Not my idea of a good thing.  
Husker thought it was a dream come true.
There was a busted pipe in the yard.  Such fun!  The best part was crawling under the house to pump out the 6-8 inches of water that was sitting there, mocking me.
That was almost as much fun as the banana and the toilet.  Well let's just not go there.  Let's just say it involved a certain 4 year old and his desire to make my life interesting at all times. 
"I don't know mama, maybe someone flushed a banana down there"  
Love that kid!  Wish I could have fixed the toilet sooner than the 15 days that it took.  I really can't even say I fixed it.  It just sorta took care of itself.
Those few months were like living on a bad modern day version of Green Acres.
Only one thing, I never looked as put together as Lisa (Eva Gabor)

Time to turn off the television and get some much needed rest.  


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