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Friday, September 17, 2010

Just one of those days...

Today was just one of those days.  It wasn't terrible, just long and really full.  So full that it is just now midnight and I am finally able to sit-down to blog.

I was cruising along the interstate of blogs this morning and I came upon this post about building a $150 greenhouse.  Check out the link and see if it reminds you of my limo of a chicken tractor???
I may just have to evict the hens and turn this baby into a small greenhouse.  Of course I would have to finish the chicken tractor and let the hens call it home before I could actually evict them.  It has been a long week, between Rodi traveling and my "not being sick" and all.  I keep looking out the window, seeing it, knowing it needs to be finished, just not having the energy or time to accomplish such a task.  Maybe I wasn't meant to complete it as a chicken tractor? Maybe I was inspired to only take it this far so I could read the post on Backyard Farming and turn it into a little garden paradise.  Sounds good to me, anyway.  Let's just go with that train of thought.

Next I hopped over to one of my favorite blogs Chickens in the Road and decided that I needed to plant leeks in my garden, and I needed to do it TODAY!  I needed to go to the grocery store anyway.  Might as well pick up some leeks while I was there.  I envisioned returning home and making THIS for dinner.  Once it was in the oven I would take my little leek root ends out to the garden and happily plant them.  In the spring they would be lovely and we would enjoy all kinds of meals flavored with leeks (something new for us).  
What I hadn't planned on, was the store not having leeks!  I have seen them there hundreds of times.  I always looked, half-interested in them, not knowing what in the world one did with a leek.  Now I know and I am being DENIED!  It just seemed wrong.  I grabbed some onions (which now just seem boring), the rest of my much needed groceries and returned home. Dinner was not what I had planned. I was irritated about the lack of leeks.  It was also late in the evening.  No need to ask what the kids ate, it wasn't spectacular.  It also won't win me mommy of the year award.  Home-cooked? Only if pressing buttons on the microwave counts as cooking.  Sad, I know, but true. 
I have spent most of my night putting away groceries, and putting together the kids lesson plans for the next couple of weeks.  I am not quite finished with the lesson plans.  I am just too tired.  Plus I need my beauty sleep, RODI is coming home tomorrow!!!!  Oh I know he has only been gone a week, but even after all these years I am head over heels in love with the man. I can't stand being so far apart.  Plus he is great at all the farming skills that I am so very lacking in.  The cows and horses are always glad to see him return.  It is as if you can sense their relief when they realize that McRodi has returned.  It's okay, I am the chicken manager, it's what I do. I am not offended by the overwhelming sense of comfort he brings to the larger animals around here.  Even the dog likes him better. Like I said, I am head over heels for the guy, so I understand.  


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