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Saturday, September 25, 2010

McRodi had a farm.....

I won't call him Old McRodi, that would be rude.  Plus if he is old then so am I.  We just won't go there. It is a mood spoiler.

McRodi's job, throwing 120 bales of hay into the loft.

My job.... counting the bales as he tossed them in.  It was a tough job, but someone had to do it.  
KC was in the loft neatly stacking the bales that were rapidly being tossed his way.  That's right, McRodi was McSpeedy tossing those bales up there.  Like I said counting was a tough job.  I was worried I wasn't going to be able to keep up.

 Koen stood his ground protesting the storage of his soon to be super-cool army bunkers.
 Oh, the trials of life for a 5 year old.  
He finally gave in and joined his brother in the loft.

It was a sweaty task for us.  Okay, not so sweaty for the counter. The boys however, were sweaty and covered in hay.  McRodi had a charitable event to attend today and I was pretty sure the sweaty hay look wasn't going help him blend in to the crowd.

Mabel couldn't believe her eyes... was this McRodi?  

Wow, he cleans up good!

Mabel still in disbelief called her best gal-pal Lois over to see if this was indeed McRodi.  
No jeans, no t-shirt, could it really be him?

One look and Lois had no doubt, this was indeed 
Crazy Old McRodi.

You can dress him up, but that doesn't mean you can take him off the farm.

Crazy or not he is mine, and I love that man!



I love the chicky comments! I also love your barn but I am glad I don't have to store back a ton of hay. That is a big job.

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