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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Last night the girls and I experimented a bit with their hair. 
 I put Kate's hair in a pony tail and then rolled it in several traditional style curlers.
I tried something different with Carley J's hair.  I don't know why I have never tried rag curls before, but I just haven't.  I was nervous about her hair.  She just has so much of it! I didn't want her to look like a poodle in the morning.  I have first hand knowledge that those cute little pink curlers can make her sport a mega poodle style.  Poor kid, whose mom does that?  Apparently hers.

This morning we took out the rollers and .....

the pink rollers produced an okay outcome for Kate's cute little pony tail.  I am prepared for her hair to be straight by lunch though.  Her hair just won't hold curls.  Being a naturally curly girl myself, this idea of a curl that won't hold  just seems odd.  

I must say if it were a contest between the rag curls and the pink rollers, the rag curls win hands down!  We were very happy with the outcome here.  No poodles here.  
No two legged ones anyway.  If given the chance we would gladly have another 4 legged poodle. 

Now that my girls are enjoying their curls, I am off to heat up my flat iron and straighten my curly locks.  


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