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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Saying Farewell and Welcome Home

Yesterday Rodi and I (wearing our most photographed t-shirts) drove about 3 hours up the road to meet up with his dad, Jim.  Jim had driven to Virginia from Iowa and needed to be a passenger for a bit.  Rodi took over the helm behind the wheel of the '85 Dodge pulling the stock trailer with our Zebu who had been on an extended vacation in Iowa.  Jim found his spot in the passenger seat of the mini-van while I acted as a personal driver navigating the way back to our place.

We took the two younger ones with us for the drive and riveting conversation.  Did you know that an eight year old and a five year old can fill 6 hours with all kinds of interesting facts?  One right after another, without pausing to take a breath.  Oh it is true, it just might be why we love them so much. *smile*

If you read my previous post... you know that this trip didn't end as planned.  Nope, not at all.  Just a good half an hour from our place the '85 Dodge DIED!  Jim and I had to head home retrieve our truck, and drive back to Rodi and the Zebu.  We left the dead truck for the night, hooked the stock trailer up to our truck and headed home.

There was no rest for the weary today.  There was much to be done.  The truck had to be rescued from the side of the road and brought back to our place to rest in peace.  There was also the building of panels on our truck that needed to be done.  Jim would be driving away at some point in the day in his new truck (my truck o' memories) with 2 of our Dexter cows, Bertie Mae and Miracle.

Build it, and build it well boys!

Grandpa gives KC a hand

Well done... Almost finished

This picture cracks me up.  It would appear Koen is saying a little prayer as he sits on the chute. Something like "Heavenly Father, please let this work"

Here we go... Load 'em up!


One last family picture in front of our truck.

The new owner is heading off into the sunset and looking forward to a smooth travels on this leg of the journey.  Bye Jim, thanks for all your help this weekend!!!

Jack our one remaining dexter (brother to Bertie Mae, son of Miracle) would like to remind you to ....

Always be on the lookout!  
He is sensing something is up...
and it was!

OH MY!  What a meet and greet this was.
Tonka and Jack had a VERY SHORT battle to prove who was boss of the barnyard.

Jack is now sulking, stomping around, and trying to still look like the king of the hill...

but the title belongs to 

I have tried to explain to Jack that Tonka is three years older making it a seniority thing, but I don't think Jack cares much about seniority. 


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