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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Barnyard Burial

It is such a sad day when there is a loss in the barnyard.  Today was no exception.
Poor lil' fella just didn't see it coming.

This is not his picture, just a distant cousin I suppose.

KC was outside working Gypsy in the round pen

getting her to change direction and do so turning towards him.  Big moment!  A lot of respect is being shown by her when she does that.  So much nicer than her turning her backside towards him.  Great Job!
She was getting tired and decided to try a face-off.  He won.  She made it around the pen one more time before he decided they were done for the day.
Then she came in and got some lovin' 

Oh yeah... back to the poor little fella.  While KC was working Gypsy something happened to the electric fence in the back near the barn.  There was a lot of popping noises and it was spooking the horses.  He investigated but couldn't find anything.  He found me and I headed over to see if I could find the problem.  I looked and looked but couldn't see a thing.  We unplugged the wire, walked around and around, trying to see if there was something rubbing up against the wire.  We couldn't find anything.  I had him plug it back in to see if the popping had stopped.  Just as he plugged it back in I heard the popping and then I saw it, the poor little grasshopper.  I am sure he thought he was just going hop up onto the wire for a little bit of a rest.  What he didn't count on... that metal t-post that he was going to come into contact with as he landed on the wire.
Poor little grasshopper.  It really was very sad.


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