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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Blogger Blessings

Have you noticed that my "Must Read Farm Blogs" list is growing?  Who knew there were so many blogging farmers, farmer's wives, beginning farmers, crop farmers, livestock farmers.... and the list just goes on and on.  Everyday I find at least one blog that I hadn't read before.  There are some really great reads out there.  I hope you are visiting a few of them.
Today's find...Lilac Cottage Goats.  Why would I read a blog that has anything to do with goats?  Maybe someday we will have goats.  Okay probably not.  The secret to this little Lilac Cottage is.... they have CHICKENS too!  Even better Kelly (the blogger) posted this.  You will have to scroll down past the really cool milking stand (She has an amazingly talented and loving husband) and see the pictures of the chicken tractor.  
I saw the picture of the chicken tractor and said "I can do that" I did, I really said that out loud.  Husker my faithful black lab looked up at me, probably wondering if I expected him to continue this conversation.  
I called KC into the room showed him the picture and then told him "Let's get busy we're going to build one of those"
He jumped for joy!  Ok not really, but it would have been fun if he had.
We headed out and got to work.
Look out world that is a power tool in my hands. 

KC and I pounded monster sized nails into board after board.  Sometimes we even tried to pound our thumbs through the boards, not something I would suggest.

We don't have a finished project yet but only because I need Rodi's advice on hanging the door.  It is on its way to being covered with chicken wire and will be finished tomorrow, I hope.
It is larger than the chicken tractor I had thought about building.  But my hens deserve a large and spacious limo (tractor) to cruise around the yard in.

After we hang the door and get the hens moved in I will post the update.
I promise it will be finished before that sweater I am working on.  I have to rip out several rows tonight as I somehow lost a few stitches along the way and now the edge is looking a little slanted. *sigh*  I will not give up though.  I will finish!


Cindy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!

I love this limo of a chicken tractor! WOW!! I think my girls need one of those! Maybe I can get John to be as excited as your KC ;)

Off to read the rest........

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