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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Let's play a game of pretend...

Let's pretend I posted all December long, 
Let's pretend my kids have been the poster children for good health this past month,
Now let's take it a step further and pretend that my yard (and the barnyard) isn't one big gushy, squishy, mucky, muddy mess.

Of course I can't complain too much about the mud.  The mud is the result of the melting snow that we had so much fun playing in.

We were in a winter wonderland of sorts.  Unless of course you are talking to Dodge (pictured above), he wasn't quite as impressed as the rest of us.

The snow has all melted now, thanks to the 60 degree weather we had today, and has left us mud in its place.  I think I'd rather have snow.

By the way I have started yet another blog, in addition to this one.  I will keep this one going, I really will.  My new blog is focused a little less on the animals in our life and more on the family and our (my) goal for this new year.  It is going to be a lot of fun and work coming up with posts for two blogs but each blog has their place and I just didn't want to blend the two into one.  

Oh and just one more picture, because I think it is my favorite from this storm.

Happy New Year!!!


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