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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Such a brief visit

Justice Was Here!

It was only for a week, but Justice came by for a little holiday visit.  Husker was delighted, some of the time.  Justice sort of  rules things when it comes to those two.  She must think that poof of hair between her ears is her royal crown.  That or he is just scared of things taller than him?  

It was quite funny to watch them chase each other around the yard.  Try as he might, he could never catch her.  Her long legs give her quite the advantage.  I never thought I would love a poodle, especially one so large.  Have you ever been around a poodle?  Have you ever gotten the chance to pet a poodle?  SO soft!!!

Alas today was the last day of our holiday fun with Justice, her owners returned to take her home today.  Life is a little on the quiet side with just one furry friend around, but I am okay with that.  Justice will be missed, until her next visit.

Outside the chickens threw her quite a send off party. There were no tears involved, just clucks of pure joy.  They outsmarted her once again. Justice tries to catch those chickens every chance she gets. Good thing I have smart chickens!


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