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Monday, January 3, 2011


The chickens went on strike.
Not an egg was laid.
They were grumpy, and did not love the custom built tractor we made to keep them safe.

They have moved out of the tractor and are living once again on the wild side.  Every evening I am doing a head count to make sure they have all returned to the coop.  I am relieved that we didn't dismantle the original coop to make the new tractor.  Oh we would be in a pickle if we had done such a thing.
The chickens are happy once again, and the strike is over.
The very first day out of the tractor they thanked us with an egg.
Now they cluck around the outside of the tractor poking fun at the new tractor resident.... Lillie.  

Lillie aka "Bad Mama" moved into the tractor the same day the chickens moved out.  What the feathered flock doesn't understand is that Lillie LOVES the tractor.  She hops all around goes up and down the ramp like it was designed just for her.  Plus she gets to say "Na-na-na-boo-boo" to Husker when he comes sniffing around.  Lillie is in love with her new home, even if it wasn't built for her.


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