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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Busy, Busy, Farm Girls.

Yesterday was one busy day for the "farm girls".  There were rabbits to move, a chicken tractor to be finished, and one very fast rooster to catch.
"Catch me if you can."

Okay so there was more to our day than that but those were the major activities on our "to-do list".

Moving the rabbits was easy, just time consuming.  Finishing the chicken tractor was a task I'd rather not relive.  Maybe it had to do with the cold weather?  Maybe it had to do with the hand saw I had to use instead of the skill saw that was sitting there mocking me. Maybe it had to do with my not so graceful skills with the hammer?  Whatever the reason, it took a long time to finish the chicken tractor.  All most as long as it took Carley J to catch Bogart.  Victory was had though. I wish I would have had my camera as she proudly walked across the field with Bogart under her arm.  She was one big smile.  The hens are easy to catch, but Bogart can really run.  I think he just likes to see how long we will chase him before we get tired and give up.  There was no giving up for Carley J, she didn't quit until she had him in her arms.

I am not sure how the crew likes their new home. I am pretty sure they are not impressed.  Maybe there is a little part of them that understands this is for their own good, someplace safe for them.  Probably not.


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