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Monday, November 22, 2010

An informational gathering of sorts

 Thank you all for joining me on this beautiful day

 Hazel... Do you really think you can just sneak in to the meeting as if you were here the whole time?

 If I could continue....  I have asked you here to day to let you know of some changes that have taken place recently.
Lady McRodi made a decision about two weeks ago that will greatly change life as we know it in Rodiville.  You may have noticed the lil' McRodi's only come out late in the day.  Have you been missing your morning games of hide-and-go-seek with the kids?  The kids are fine I assure you.  They have not been banished from the barnyard.  They still love us all. Lady McRodi has sent three of the four lil' ones to a place they call school.  Only the tall girl will be home during the day.  The others have replaced their barnyard recesses for playground time with other, dare I say it... children.
That's just crazy talk!
But who will carry me around so I don't wear myself out?  The tiny one treats me like the queen I am. *sniff-sniff*

 A Queen?  Hahahaha that's a good one!

 Hmmph! Jealousy is never a pretty thing Lizette. Not pretty at all.

I think Bogart just lost all control over this meeting.

 I heard that Josie!  And ummmm....I spotted some grasshoppers in the woodpile, meeting dismissed. 


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