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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Phone call...

Sometimes I should just let the phone ring.  Tonight is no exception.  I don't like hearing sad news when I am trying to get everyone ready for bed.

I looked at the caller id, it was my neighbor P.W..   I had no clue where this conversation was going when I answered the phone. Occasionally  Husker goes visiting their yard and causes some issues with their dog Harley.  Harley loves other dogs, just not Husker.  Husker being the lovable lab that he just keeps going back in hopes that Harley will have a change of heart.  I knew P.W. wasn't calling about Husker since he was safe and sound in the front room with the kids. What could P.W. possibly be calling me for?

Apparently Harley had the need to show his need to be the "Big Dog" while on a walk with P.W. and his son tonight.  Why Harley has it out for our animals I just don't understand.
Poor Lizette, she never saw him coming. 

P.W. called to say that there was an unfortunate meeting tonight between Lizette and Harley.
P.W. said he saw Lizette walk away and that he didn't think Harley had .... taken her life.  

I grabbed the flashlight and headed back to "the harem's" headquarters. 
Once I got there I counted... "1, 2, 3.... please let there be a number 4... please." 
No such luck.  I looked high and low, no sign of Lizette.
Such a sad way to end the day.  I am hoping when the sun is out tomorrow I will find Lizette happily chatting with Sophie, teasing her about that "Queen" comment.
I have that rock in the stomach feeling that won't be the case though.

Time to surf through some of my favorite blogs, they tend to cheer me up.


Anonymous said...

How sad! I hope you find Lizette today.

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