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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Daily Rodeo Round-up

No, I haven't been missing, nor has Rodi whisked me off to some exotic location.  I have been here, doing my everyday stuff.  It seems like my days have become busier and busier.  In reality I think I am just getting slower.  Slower at getting out of the gate in the morning, slower when it comes to getting the kids going, slower, just slower.

I think Jack has noticed this, and is doing his part to keep me on my toes.

See that twinkle in his eyes?  Okay maybe that was just the camera's doing.  Still he has been hard at work this week keeping me on the go. The picture was taken this morning.  That is my bull.  That is not our field.  This is however the same place that Rodi and I found him at 8:30pm last night as we were returning home.

This is me, sporting my oh so lovely morning look.  Jack doesn't care what I look like, he just wants the tiny bit of sweet feed that is in the bucket.  Of course I will just tease him with it all the way back to the gate.

My plan was working great until we arrived at the gate and were greeted by....

He had that "let me at him" attitude going on.  He was snorting and making all kinds of noises.  One second of eye-contact and our big baby (a.k.a. Jack) took off running.  I didn't know who to be more upset with, Jack or Tonka.  
At this point I became so frustrated I had to call in the big guns.

Mr. Rodeo himself.

It didn't take him long and he had all the animals where they belonged, no sweet feed needed.  He fed them all some hay, gave them a rub or two behind their ears, and reminded them it wasn't nice to play games with his mama like that.  

Thanks, son!


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