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Saturday, October 30, 2010

I'll cover my eyes...

Once again I waved good-bye as Rodi and KC drove away this morning... off to ride some bulls.  I guess I should make it clear, KC was going to ride a bull.  Rodi would like his wife to allow such nonsense, but I hear she is a real meanie about stuff like that.  If you run into her though don't tell her I told you that.

If you recall from yesterday's post, KC found himself in the ER getting stitches in his finger.  I thought maybe that would keep him off the bull today, no such luck.  He rode, he fell, he got back on and rode a second time.

I'll cover my eyes, you tell me when it's over.

He has been dreaming of riding bulls since he was three years old.  I was hoping that one good fall would be enough. He could say he has been there, and done that.  Apparently it takes more than one good fall.  He wants to ride again next weekend.  This was just a "beginners" bull.  For me it would be a beginner and an ender, but that's just me.  Apparently KC and I don't share those same genes.  

Looks like he will ride again.  I will wait patiently by the phone.  Waiting for the message from Rodi that all is well.  I just can't watch.


fullfreezer said...

Oh, My! I wouldn't be able to watch either. I've heard, though, that you just need to know how to fall correctly. Um... yeah.....

~ H said...

Oh Judy, my stomach just gets tied up in knots thinking about him riding these bulls. I don't know if I was dealt the card that allows mamas to handle such things. This is most definitely a father/son activity.


Oh H my son loved bull riding even though he was tall and thin...I guess short and stocky is better? He told me last year (he's 24 now) that after his father and I split (he stayed with his dad) he rode bulls a lot. He was very smart though not to ever tell me or I would have had his dad's ears.

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