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Thursday, October 21, 2010


It finally happened, I turned 35.  I knew the day would come, I even lost sleep over the thought of it.  I am not sure why.  Maybe it wasn't even the thought of turning 35 that was keeping me awake?  Maybe, just maybe it was insomnia?  I hear that can happen as you age.  

When someone in our house has a birthday they get to eat the meal of their choice for dinner.  Nothing pleases me more than a great tin-foil dinner cooked out back.  I wasn't going to be home Wednesday night (my birthday), so we lit the fire on Tuesday instead.

and what a fire it was!

It was one HOT fire. Yeah, yeah, I know a fire is supposed to be hot.  This one however, was exceptionally hot.

Finally, we had coals for cooking!

Easy clean-up in the kitchen. I love that.

We even threw in some apples.
Of course there was butter, cinnamon, and sugar involved in that *smile*

Of course you can't have a bonfire without S'mores!  Who cares if you already had sugar coated apples with dinner?  Basically it was like eating cinnamon applesauce as a side with dinner.  Right?

 This is Carley J.  She is anticipating her double dessert dinner.  How can it be wrong?  It is like cake and ice cream, except it is baked apples and s'mores.  Okay it is a little different, but just go with it.  Thanks.

AHHHHHH He was slimed!  Attack of the Mega Marshmallow, coming soon to a theater near you.

Yep, definitely my child.  She is smiling in anticipation and she hasn't even finished putting it together.

 Sure looks as if it was as good as she had hoped it would be.

 And this my friends says it all.  My birthday wish come true, my kids all giggly and happy.

I promise Kate was there.  I know I saved a picture with her in it.  It must still be on the camera.  It really is hard to get all four of them in the same picture frame when you are shooting candid shots.  When I find it, I will share it with you.  She wasn't attacked by the Mega Marshmallow... or maybe she was?  Hmmmm.....

If you were wondering....
Still no eggs!  See that confused look on her face?  I just told her she could lay eggs.  I am not sure she knew.


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