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Saturday, October 9, 2010



Bogart arrived in Rodiville just this afternoon.  We drove to the chicken swap this morning (an hour away) and were delighted with Bogart and his little mini-hen squad of four.  I am not exactly sure why we buy our hens in groups of four.  Maybe I need to speak to a professional about that?  
Okay, back to Bogart... he is stately and fluffy all at the same time.  He crows with the best of them, letting all the ladies know know he is "all that and a bag of chips"  Ooohh speaking of chips.... maybe we have some around here?  Ugghhhh nevermind Bogart is what is important here, not my need for salty things.

He was last seen in the Chicken Limo going nowhere.  (Forget the whole limo transformation into a greenhouse, it just never happened.)  He seemed happy and content.
And then, when I went outside this evening to pick up some tools I had left outside I noticed there were only 4 hens in the limo.  A limo that is obviously meant for FIVE fine feathered friends.

I searched high and low, no Bogart.  Rodi and I got out the flashlights and searched the trees, no Bogart.  Poor Bogart, a new home, he must feel lost and alone.  

I questioned the "girls" 
Cleo was clueless.

I thought maybe Bertha was hiding Bogart under all her fluffy feathers... no such luck.

Then I remembered....
Justice came for a visit today....
NAH, we would have noticed that.  Plus Bogart was still here when Justice went home with her people.

I am hoping Bogart is safe as a bug up in the tree.  
If you have seen our sweet Bantam Bogart please tell him that we may seem a bit odd at times but we really are good people and promise to treat him well if he would just return home.


Carley said...

that is such a good pic of justice

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