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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Party in the Coop!

I think all this talk about those swimming hens did the trick.

When I arrived home this afternoon I stumbled across this scene:

Look close, how many hens do you see with Bogart?

There are only three of them. It would also appear that they are very interested in the noise coming from the coop.  There was a lot of scratching going on in there.  

It suddenly occurred to me that there might be some egg laying happening today.  Whoo Hooo!  I had to stop myself from becoming too excited.  I have been let down before.

Soon I saw this:

The hens looked completely in awe of what their gal-pal was doing, while Bogart was being too polite to watch.  
Such a gentleman.

I patiently waited, peeking out the window to see if she was still in the coop.  As soon as she was no longer in the coop, I went to investigate.

It was like winning the lotto!  Ok, I don't really know what that feels like, but I am sure it is close.
*Side note, I am wearing the apron because I was doing dishes... by hand.  As I type this though, Rodi is installing my new dishwasher!!!!*

"Who's the hen?"
"I'm the hen!"

Doesn't it just make and "eggtastic" addition to my centerpiece?  

Okay I didn't leave it there.  I was good and put it in the fridge.  I am hoping it has friends in the fridge SOON!!!!



I am so freaking excited for you!!!!! It was the hatchet wasn't it!

~ H said...

I haven't shelved all the threats errr... suggestive messages quite yet. There are still 3 hens that need to prove themselves "Eggceptable" I did find it BEYOND funny that Bogart and the 3 hens were waiting on the steps while she was doing her thing in the coop. It really had me busting up laughing. So glad I had my phone/camera handy. No one would have believed me otherwise. LOL!

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