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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tricky, tricky

If there is an animal bound and determined to escape, it is Jack.  He is 16 months old and is currently for sale.  I think maybe he knows he is for sale.

See him just pretending I am not there.

So cute, but so ornery!

It really isn't his fault.  We need another line of electric fencing just a bit lower.  
Still he is the only one who goes through the barbed wire to get out.  
Does that make him brave?

He gave KC a quick run through the neighbors pasture.

KC is a good cattle herder though, he quickly had Jack headed back across the road.

Soon he was back where he belongs, sharing a mid-day snack (the bait) with Gypsy, and telling the tales of his fun on "the outside".  
I tried to tell them it wasn't polite to talk with their mouths full, but they live in a barnyard, pretty sure those rules don't apply.

I will miss my Jack when he finds his new home.  
He really can be the life of the party.



I so feel your pain. Mine was "Romeo". Romeo was a huge bull with a heart of gold but he hated fences...when my husband at the time was off on business or hunting trips. Only then. His weakness was pears. Thank goodness we had many good hard asian pears. When he got out, we got a 5 gallon bucket of pears and would bait him back in.


ps...romeo made great hamburger

Patty said...

This cracked me up, I could hear the conversation. You know he is a rockstar among the other animals for all his brave escapades

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