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Monday, October 25, 2010


Having a bad day? Need a good cry? Don't want people asking what's bothering you?

 Grab an onion and start chopping.

At least that is what I told a certain daughter of mine today when she had to bury another baby bunny.  Sadly her mama rabbit isn't really loving her new role in life.  This is the fourth bunny funeral this week.  We are doing everything we can to encourage some mama and baby bonding.  I have been searching and searching online for any advice I can find.  The babies will only be 10 days old tomorrow and everything we have read says that they are just too young to attempt formula feeding.    I am really hoping that the three babies that are still hanging in there make it.  One is extra chubby, I think he/she is hogging all the mama time.

It was raining today, and my poor darlin' just couldn't bury this little bunny.  Her heart was just beyond broken.  Rodi to the rescue.  He took care of the baby bunny for his sweet girl, while she helped me chop the onions.  When someone came in and asked what was wrong.  I quickly jumped in and declared "Nothing is wrong, she is chopping onions.  Everyone cries when they chop onions."   To which the reply was "Oh".

By the time the onions were chopped the burial was complete and we were able to move on to the rest of the meal. We She made the most wonderful creamed chicken served over noodles.  I let her be the first to use my new pot, because I am that kind of mom. 

Isn't it a beauty!

So just remember when you are having a bad day, and need a good cry,  grab and onion.  They really can be a great solution.


Anonymous said...

What a sweet story, Heather! And I know how hard it is to lose a baby animal you were hoping to save.

And your new pot is beautiful.

~ H said...

Thanks Sarah. Oh and thanks for your creamed chicken post!!! It was the inspiration for our dinner in this post. She didn't use that recipe but we did find a good one.

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