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Sunday, October 3, 2010

A little of this and a little of that...

We were hit by the storm (Nicole) last Thursday and Friday.  She packed quite a punch here on the East coast.  Thankfully we are all okay, animals included.  There were times I thought we were going to have to test our raft building skills though. Good thing I have a boy scout at home, they know how to do those kinds of things, or so I hear.  

The water level has gone down at our place. Life on the island was nice while it lasted. It wasn't all it was cracked up to be though.  Maybe you need sandy beaches to really enjoy an island home?  

"The Girls" are loving life after the storm!  They found their way back to the barn and have to be bribed to return to their coop now.  The cows don't seem to mind the new clean-up crew, but the horses are irritated with the little "feather dusters".  The horses and hens are learning to stay in different areas of the barnyard.

We did have one not so great side-effect from the storm... the electric fence died.  Thankfully we have good, obedient animals who love us and stayed put.  I was very fearful that one or more of the animals would escape just for the fun of it.  I can't tell you how many times I have had to play rodeo round-up while Rodi was at work or deployed.  Maybe they were being good because Rodi was here?  Maybe they were being sympathetic since Rodi is recovering from knee surgery?  They tolerate me, they LOVE Rodi.  I am good with that.  He can have the cows and horses, I will stick with my hen squad.  They happily follow me around, it is as if I have my own tiny, little fan club.

This is Rodi, resting.  *smile*

With our electricity all a mess, we decided it was time to go solar.
It is a beautiful thing.
The animals are all safe in the barnyard and pastures where they belong, and I can sleep without the fear of another midnight rodeo round-up.

BREAKING NEWS:  We have grown in numbers!!!

Carley J is over-the-moon happy to announce she is now the proud owner of Fritz and Lillie! 

This is Fritz isn't he just the sweetest thing?
Lillie was a bit camera shy, but we will have pictures of her posted soon.  She is HUGE compared to our sweet little Fritz.  We were told they were both Rex breed when we called to gather all our information.  Rodi and I think Lillie is a Rex and Fritz is a Mini-Rex.  I will post pictures of them side by side this week.  Then you can let me know what you think.


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