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Monday, October 25, 2010


There were a few happy moments for me today.  It wasn't all gloom and doom.
First there was this post on facebook from my sister:

"You know that you have really made it to super mommy/wife status when you are: being bludgeoned by a fake sword, asked to look at a book and help with a word, while being asked how you cook something....all while on the toilet!"

I busted up laughing when I read it.  With my youngest now five years old, I actually get to be in the bathroom alone.  That doesn't mean that I don't get followed right up to the door as I am RUNNING in there for some me time (ha-ha).  Oh and the questions that I am expected to answer while I am in there... crazy!  I had to comment on her post and welcome my lil' sis. to the club.

The next thing that had me rolling in laughter, a craigslist post entitled:

Laying Hens from Home Circus that can SWIM!!

Rodi insists I should get these hens.  They would fit right into our "Circus".  Plus the post says they
"lay brown eggs where you want them."
I would just be thrilled to have hens that LAY EGGS let alone lay them where I tell them to!!!

Last but not least....

My cousin Chris married a wonderful woman named Sarah.  Sarah has a great blog that makes me smile each and every time I read it.  
A few days ago she posted this little beauty about my all time favorite school lunch growing up, chili and cinnamon rolls.  This was by far the best creation LPS ever came up with.  
I was talking to Rodi about her blog tonight and I mentioned how she wrote about the fact that cinnamon rolls do indeed go with chili (at least in Lincoln, Nebraska), when he says "They most definitely do!  I had chili last night and you didn't give me a cinnamon roll to go with it.  Where is my cinnamon roll?"
OH, I was rolling in laughter.  I don't even know if his school lunch ever consisted of that magical duo.  I do know however, my husband loves a good cinnamon roll.  It was quite possibly very wrong of me to even bring them up in conversation.  I make cinnamon rolls.  I make the most delicious, and fattening cinnamon rolls.  In order to keep our waistlines in check, I only make these rolls at Christmas.  They have become our traditional Christmas morning breakfast.   
Rodi was deployed last Christmas... it has been almost 2 years since he has had one of my cinnamon rolls.  
Yeah, not nice of me to bring up cinnamon rolls with Christmas still 2 months away.  
I did get a good giggle out of it though.  
Is that wrong?  


Emily Schueler said...

Cinnamon rolls also go with chili in Willmar, MN and remains to be a fave in the public schools. This makes me chuckle!

~ H said...

Oh I will have to let Sarah know about Willmar!!! She will be very interested I am sure. It is mind boggling to me that there are people out there who think this is an odd combination. To me it just seems like a natural partnership. Mmmmmmm..... good stuff!

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