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Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Weekend of Smiles and Surprises

What a wonderful weekend!

Remember this?

My sweet little "surprise melon"

On Friday it looked like this....
Amazingly wonderful!

Saturday some friends stopped by.  
The girls had so much fun target practicing with the bows, the home-made one and the store bought, compound bow, too. 

Later Saturday evening I was able to attend a bonfire with the youth from our Church.
 This was one HOT fire.  
When it came time to make the s'mores my sweet Miss R. roasted my marshmallow for me.  
Seriously this fire was HOT!  Notice how she is covering her face?  I was thinking if I had to roast my own marshmallow, I might just melt my contacts to my eyes.  
Love how these girls will subject themselves to such things so that us old people can enjoy a s'more.  Just love 'em!

The biggest surprise of the weekend......

Seven of them.

What?  You didn't know we were expecting?

Carley J bought Fritz and Lillie 2 weeks ago.  We were told Lillie had only been "exposed" to Fritz for an hour earlier that day and at no point before that.  Since Rabbits are pregnant for 30 days we were not expecting babies 2 weeks after bringing Lillie home.  
We are pretty certain Fritz is not the babies daddy.  Ooooh hold the phone, we may have some baby mama drama going on in the barnyard!

Go ahead Lillie, clean those babies.  
When you have a few minutes, you have some explaining to do.

She is doing a great job as a mama.  We moved her cage into the garage where she has built a "proper nest" for her babies.

What a joyful and eventful weekend it has been.  The weather has been beautiful, I am hoping it continues to stay that way for a while.


Patrice said...

Thanks for linking to my barn party. I have never seen newborn rabbits before. Maybe I need glasses, but they look like little hippos! I have a daughter that loves archery!
Have a great week!

~ H said...

They do look like little hippos, micro-hippos LOL!

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