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Friday, October 29, 2010

"Where Everyone Knows Your Name"

"Where Everyone Knows Your Name"
It may be the local pub for some, as depicted in the '80's sitcom Cheers.  We don't drink so that would be awkward.  Where is it exactly that we go where everyone knows our name?  
Yes, Church would be a correct answer but not what I was going for.  I know a few of you were so excited that you knew that answer.
So where is it?  Are you just dying to know?  Maybe I should just skip this tale and tell you all about the egg our hen provided us yesterday.  That makes two eggs folks, two!  We really are very excited.
Oh, you don't really want to hear about our hen and her ability to save herself from becoming dinner with her egg laying ability?

Fine then, I guess I will get back to the point.  
I had to take KC into the ER for some stitches, three stitches to his fingertip. The nurse at the desk looked up and immediately asked how Koen was doing!  
It is official, I think we really will have our own wing there soon.  The person who comes in to gather the insurance information doesn't have to do much typing when we come in, it's already in the system.

Never step on a rusty nail with rubber boots on... or well, just don't step on a nail.  That was a mess that took 3 weeks to fix.  Poor kid.  

Falling off a horse is not recommended either.

Wish I could tell you what this one was all about. I could kick myself for not giving  a good description when I saved it on my computer.

I know I don't have any pictures of KC or Kate on here but trust me they have had their fair share of incidents.  Kate just barely missed out on stitches to her lip last Monday.  It was a nasty cut but we avoided stitches with that one.

Needless to say we spend WAY TOO much time getting to know the medical staff in our county.  It is nice though when we walk in and the staff greets us with a smile.


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