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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Oh Those Boys...

Something must have been in the air today...

Tonka, our handsome Zebu, decided he wanted to rumble

And rumble he did.

Jack didn't seem to mind.  It must be a boy thing.

Then there is Bogart, king of hide and seek.  Yes, he is back.   His fun little game was over at about 5:30am when is inner desire to crow beat his desire to hide from the people.

He is quite handsome so I didn't scold him too much.

What I didn't expect, was that he was going to invite the "Hen Squad" over for a party in the limo!

The "Hen Squad" apparently doesn't love Bogart's mini-harem.  I had to be the mean parent and put an end to the "party" before someone got hurt.

I think I hurt Bogart's feelings.  When I booted the big girls out, Bogart left the limo too.  I let him wander for a bit but soon his fun was over and I needed to get him back to the limo.  This little guy is FAST!  My sweet little Kate took a picture of me chasing him... no you will not be privy to such a horrifying sight. 
Even the "Hen Squad" ran for cover, or maybe they were just racing for the best seats in the house to watch "the game".

 Kate did take a nice picture of Bogart and me. His hair looked much better after all that running than mine did.  I declared him the winner.

 It could be the beginning of a great friendship.


Carley said...

I 4 1 love ur pic w Bogart

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