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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Busier than Busy

I am not sure how it happens, becoming so busy that the word busy doesn't even begin to describe your days.  It seems that it has happened to me though. 

Between Rodi's physical therapy appointments, the kids schooling, the animals, and well... life, I have become one very busy mama.  I can only imagine how crazy life will be when our little man begins wrestling season.

I have been looking into expanding the numbers in my coop.  Before I can do that I need to build a bigger space for them to roost and nest.  Though I am not even sure my "hen squad" even knows what a nest is.  I thought we would be seeing an egg or two the last week of September, so far all we have is two very empty nests.  I wonder if we go out and sing to them while Carley J plays the piano and Kate plays the violin they will feel more loved and repay us with eggs galore?  If it comes to that I will let you know the outcome.  


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