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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I came home from a youth activity tonight to the tales of the mouse in our house.  That's right folks a mouse in our house.  
I assumed that they found it.  
I was wrong.  
I was told it came scurrying in when the door was opened for Husker to come back inside.  
Koen even told me how it jumped on his back.  
Well Carley J and Rodi quickly told me Koen was telling tales.  Apparently it was his favorite one of the night.  Rodi said Koen had hopped on a chair and was screaming when it came in.  Of course Rodi wasn't actually part of the welcoming committee, so he had yet to see the mouse.

Being the warrior that he is I thought Husker chased the rodent down and showed it who the boss is around these parts.  
Wrong, yet again.

I was told there was a search.  The search didn't end in the outcome I had hoped for.

We sent the kids to bed. I didn't want to retire to our room knowing the mouse was very well lurking in there.  I figured I would be safe once I crawled in bed though.

 The storms rolled in.  We found ourselves in a tornado warning.  The kids came downstairs to sleep on the floor. 

*Oh, you only think you know where this story is headed.*

I was catching up on the laptop getting caught up on things in the land of blogs and Rodi was fast entering dream land.  I heard some scratching and looked over to see what was bugging Rodi.  I didn't see anything.  I heard it again.  I looked over to see if he was scratching his head and his ring might be brushing against the headboard. Nope.  Just as I turned to look back at the blog I was reading  I saw two little paws, and two little eyes peering OVER the headboard at me!!!!  
I squealed. 
 The little rodent hopped across the headboard, hit the wall, landed on the lamp, jumped onto the floor and was gone!  I screamed for Rodi to get up, the kids are in the other room ON THE FLOOR!!!
Carley J heard my not so quiet discovery and was now up asking what was going on.  I told her what had happened and asked her to help look for the little guy.  There we were searching high and low, trying not to wake the other kids. 

 It only took a minute or two when she declared "there it is!"

I did a quick turn around and was astonished when I saw it sitting atop a chair in our living room.  
Why was I so astonished?  
It wasn't a mouse! 
 No, there was not a mouse in my house.  
There was however a FLYING SQUIRREL!

I wish I had been able to get a better picture, but in a situation like this you only get one shot and I missed it. *sigh*

Rodi knocked it off the chair and scooped it up in a empty container.  I quickly followed him to the door where he released it.  Poor thing was still a bit dazed from being knocked to the ground.  Even more unfortunate for the dazed and confused creature, Husker followed us outside. See what a warrior he is when the enemy is seriously disadvantaged.
 So now there will be a funeral for the flying squirrel tomorrow.  

In the morning a few people will be saying "I'm Sorry" to my sweet and honest lil' man.  Koen was most likely telling the honest truth when he said the "mouse" jumped on his back. Poor Kid, mama is going to give him an extra big hug.


Emily said...

ROFL! I can't stop laughing! Poor Koen...sounds so much like my youngest. There have been a couple of times where it sounds so crazy that it can't possibly be the truth and turns out it about feeling like a bad mommy. At least you can look back later and laugh about it when he's older and can understand the comical side of this story.

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